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Weekly Update: Week 14

It's been a busy two weeks for my creativy. It's been a mix of website stuff, non-fiction writing, and finally starting another flash fiction.


Art & Theory: Fantasy & Science

I have two loves: Science and Art. I took one as my career and keep the other as my many hobbies. As soon as I only think of art as a job though, it loses its appeal. Its therapeutic effects.


Weekly Update: Week12

Apparently, I have a yearly trend of getting really excited about my goals days 1 through 7. Then for days 8 and on, getting over-anxious because I'm trying to focus on 20 things at once.


Weekly Update: Week 4

Well, things have gone downhill... October had started out so good but the past week has been a struggle.

It's hard to focus on everything at once and right now my mind is slightly preoccupied with running. Not that I have to choose to run or write. I think it's more the exhaustion I've felt from increasing my mileage. The first two days I did 10 miles, I was totally tapped out for the rest of the day. 100% unproductive.

Then, since I mentioned last week that I wanted to focus on a novel again, I ended up reading old progress instead of writing my flash fiction. It's easier to passively sit there and read instead of actually writing something original. Below in red are all the things I've recently missed.

Ironically, despite all the missed writings, what I think we really need is a vacation. This past week I've had several nights filled with bad dreams and awoken to extremely tight shoulders and neck. These bad nights and tight muscles only build upon each other and I gradually get closer and closer to a full-blown migraine.

Today, I slept in, I did not set an alarm, I did not run, I did not get to work before noon, but I also didn't have a bad dream or painful morning! Today, last year, we had just arrived in Cozumel with at least 2 more trips planned.

Last few weeks till our first vacation since March!