"Flash" FictionTenderness

A quick snippet about the comfort from friends in a time of need. This is written in the 1st person to play with the ability to keep some things a secret.

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"Flash" FictionNeedle Marks

Kit ran her fingers over the bruised skin. The needles' point of impact was clearly visible on her left arm. But she was better than that.

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"Flash" FictionLace and Nips

Two women as opposite as they could imagine are forced into discovering a commonality. An insecurity only comforted by someone who had been through the same thing.

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"Flash" FictionOut on a Run

This is a short glimpse into someone's romantic life. It's written partly as a first-person point of view with a narrator talking. Which is rare for me. Though hard to balance present and past tense.

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Home Again2 & Final

Barry held his breath, avoiding Mark's gaze. Sticking his neck out like this was terrifying, there was no reason for Mark to stick around.

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Technically a Scientist by education, writing has never really been absent from my mind. Throughout my whole life, I've been mentally crafting stories and worlds. It's only recently I started writing them down. And even more so recent that I've started to share them.
"Flash" Fiction

Not Flash Fiction in the traditional sense as I tend to write more than I intend to. But flash as in quickly written, preventing me from aggonizing on all the details. Short pieces meant to practice different styles and situations.

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Home Again

After several months of living with his best friend from high school, Barry, Mark and Barry are called home to attend a funeral. They had re-bonded after being separated for college and were stronger friends than ever. But Mark is surprised to find how little he really knew about the man he saw every day.

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I started using FanFiction as an anonymous way to practice storytelling. It was an easy format and I had loved reading them growing up. When the creators had stopped writing, the story could continue. After the fear of that dwindled I started working on my own pieces, fiction and non. All the while tailoring my skill and finding my writing voice. Till one day, I'll have something finished and in print.

Since FanFiction is such a niche environment and I didn't want to have to duplicate content, for now I've simply kept all the FanFiction at it's original home.