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For the love of Spreadsheets

How I used Google docs and spreadsheets to lose 20 pounds (give or take a few) and get into the habit of writing.


NaNo or Bust?

When NaNoWriMo is almost half over and you're 10% done, is it hopeless? Or was it a completely foolish endevor from the start?


Daily what?

What would a daily blog even consist of? All I got is cats, work, and sex. Mutually exclusive, of course.


To Focus or Not?

My problem isn't writer's block per se. It's writer's focus. So what do I do? Write the correct topic in crap form or meader brilliantly over several plots, doomed to never quite finish anything.


Change in Reading = Change in Writing?

I haven't sat down to read a physical book in years. So is it surprising I can't sit down and write one? My mind occasionally stays on the current project, but often winds up somewhere else. Perhaps it's time for Flash Fiction?



Chameleon as in I can fall asleep on the floor...and do many jobs.


Too big for your britches

This last online project has gotten larger and longer than I had anticipated. Writing something week by week has its struggles but on the other hand, I would have never gotten to 78k doing it as a whole project.


Known for what?

This week I'm tracking my days hour by hour. The goal is to see where the fuck I'm spending all my time. Between work and commuting, I should still have a decent amount of time to do other things. I know a lot of it is spent on social media and not even social media for anything useful. So by doing this, I'm partly hoping I'll be too self conscious to waste time. I'm also doing this to force myself to write more, read more, learn more, etc. To add to this, I thought might as well aim for a daily blog. 

Then today, just as I was writing up my to do list to also start a Deviant Art account, I came across this little teabag message. Starting to grow anything online starts with just one little like, then hopefully grows from there. But I still don't know what I want to be known for. I've thought of those nerdy science comics and trying to do something like that because I love doodling. I've also thought of something like Instagram because I love taking pictures. Then I've also thought of just waiting till I actually published something and be known for being a serious novelist. Let's be real, that'll take forever. I've also drafted up 1 print that I could sell on etsy, that didn't go anywhere. And now I'm going from blog, to fanfiction, to short stories, to deviant art?

Do people ever get known for doing a billion little things? Jack of all Internet moderate fame?