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Weekly Update: Week 34

I haven't written in months. So this is my push back into it. The move threw me all off and if I'm ever going to publish anything, I have to restart.


Weekly Update: Week12

Apparently, I have a yearly trend of getting really excited about my goals days 1 through 7. Then for days 8 and on, getting over-anxious because I'm trying to focus on 20 things at once.


Weekly Update: Week 2

A few times recently I've had the realization that something I used to struggle with is all of a sudden easy. I hope that eventually happens with writing.


Weekly Update: Week 9

While I didn't create any writing pieces I did create a new theme for a website. It's a large undertaking and one I can't walk away from.


Weekly Update: Week 7

Nothing happened these past few weeks. Just as I planned.

Well, sort of. I had planned on 1 week, but with Thanksgiving coming up, it easily became 2. So, now to get back to it.

I still have the same to-do list items to get through, like wrapping up an old FanFiction then outlining my novel. Again.

Recently, I finished an audiobook called "Unfuck Your Brain: Using Science to Get Over Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Freak-Outs, and Triggers". I'm a sucker for anything that promises relaxation, like books or acupuncture mats.

In the book, she mentions addiction, which I've never really thought about, till she defined it as something that totally consumes you. I've noticed for a while that I'm bad at scheduling time to hang out with people or generally do anything outside of work/hobbies. I have my Trello board and all my to-do lists for each section of my life. Then on Thursdays, my weekly day off, I have my 'Thursday list'. Even when we came back from our trip, I created a list to clean up the house and take care of the cats.

Each day, I start the day by reevaluating my Trello board and creating that day's to-do list. This list a combination of 'daily' items like watching a LinkedIn course lesson, practicing Spanish, and doing my exercises, and unique items. As I leave work, I create a PM list to do between 7pm and 9 or 10pm when I go to bed.

Then I wake up and do the same damn thing. I'm so focused on my day to day shit that I forget to plan things or 'see' other people.

However, I'm not sure I can break this obsession because I'm having trouble finishing my writing projects. How else am I going to finish anything if I don't put it on my to-do list and see it every day? Dr. Harper did mention that you might not want to get rid of your addictions 100%. For example, if you're a sex addict but in a partnership, you might not want to get rid of sex altogether.

Maybe I'll just add the things I feel like I'm missing to my to-do list.