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Weekly Update: Week 19

I've actually had a lot of success putting words down. The most I've possibly had in two years. Did it result in a finished piece? Of course not, but we're not giving up.


Weekly Update: Week 16

After 1 week of trying this whole "Monkey Mind" writing, I think it's going well. I've started a short story I plan on publishing here and my word count is going up!


Weekly Update: Week 10

This is the second week in a row where I haven't published anything beyond these blogs. I think it's time to reassess my writing plan.


Weekly Update: Week 7

After a short break, it's time to refocus. However, taking a break has made me reconsider my addiction to my to-do list.


Weekly Update: Week 15

I would love to report that it feels like it's been a successful week. However, the only real proof I have of this is my latest flash fiction. I think this was partly inspired by the novel Anxious People. I love when there are things that go against stereotypes or against what you would assume. So, while driving home from downtown, I looked up in the review mirror to see the city's skyline and thought about all the jobs that would have put me in downtown. Walking around in a suit and heels, feeling very important, and being very successful.

Beyond the flash fiction, I've been thinking about what the next project is. I've said time and time again that I don't think I should start on a series. It's too much. Get my feet wet with a standalone thing. Learn how publishing works, learn about agents, learn about all that marketing shit with 1 single book. But this week my mind has gone back to the series characters, for some reason 1 specific character whose storyline is planned for book 4... of course.

I recently read a blog that mentions following your monkey mind and write whatever the hell is there right now. This type of writing appeals to me because I'm never thinking about the 1 thing I think I should be thinking about. Every 3 or 4 days I think about a different storyline. So my thought is, what if I just sit down and write whatever and then piece it into the projects it needs to be in. Eventually, something will come together... right?

Who knows. But it does feel smarter to have the whole series written out before trying to sell it. I feel like it'll be easier to sell. And when I randomly think of a new love interest for book-4's main character, I can still build them into the story for books 1-3.

Speaking of monkey mind, Dan Harris's book mentions it and it's great.
Also, I found out he reviewed his own book and I love it.

So, what to do with the random other storylines I have thought of? I read another article about using short stories as practice, which is exactly what the flash fiction was meant for. But it's a bigger step. So, maybe I'll do those.

The last bit of news. I finally signed up for a Medium membership. My feelings towards Medium has changed over the years. My first perception of the platform was not kind. I didn't get the hype surrounding it, why all these groups had started posting there, or what was with the fragmented sentences. As Medium has evolved, the fragmented sentences have gone away and regular paragraphs have returned, including my own writing for a bit. In 2018, I posted on Medium alongside this blog and it went nowhere. I got literally 0 views. I figured it wasn't that much effort to copy from this site and post on Medium, but eventually, it wasn't worth the trouble.

However, I've still been reading their articles from time to time if they pop up on my Feedly account. Because on Feedly, I can read the whole article without seeing the paywall. I did of course get their emails every day, but they only contained premium articles. So even though I was interested in the articles, I spitefully never opened them.

Lately, I've run into their paywall a bit too much and $50 a year isn't really that bad.