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Weekly Update: Week 1

Week 1 of my weekly check-ins on all things creative in my life. I got here through a variety of changes on this site, we'll see if this one sticks!


Change in Reading = Change in Writing?

I haven't sat down to read a physical book in years. So is it surprising I can't sit down and write one? My mind occasionally stays on the current project, but often winds up somewhere else. Perhaps it's time for Flash Fiction?


Influences from your better half

Reason #127 I want to write romance novels: show the healthy influence one person can have over another in a healthy relationship.


Explore your home

I had thought I was being more perceptive in my every day life. Until I came back from vacation and reemerged from behind my camera lens.


Too big for your britches

The first time I posted a story online I had written the whole 5 parts before I posted the first one. The thought of not being able to edit the first chapter when I had changed by mind by chapter 5 was sort of scary. I wanted everything perfect and tied up with a neat bow by the time it was posted. The second series was a little different. I wanted to get something out quicker than I could finish it. So I wrote about half and started pushing it out, mostly giving myself time to write several chapters ahead of schedule.

However, I've either gotten lazy or cocky. This last piece has gotten a lot larger than I thought it would. When I started it, I was 7 chapters in because it took awhile to decide to even post it. So I thought I was giving myself a good buffer. But then I got behind schedule. I've had a general outline to follow. This whole time I've sort of known where this is going. Though, each chapter has ended up being longer than I thought.

So now this has gotten larger and longer than I had anticipated. And today I even got a comment to that effect. "  this has really lost its momentum. im actually really lost here lol." Though I'm not surprised at all, I've almost surprised someone hasn't caught on by now with a "wtf are you doing".

Writing something this big takes skill, I've worked and reworked my private writing that is over 50k. And it's a shit ton of work. This is a little different since I don't have to really create a whole lot beyond a storyline. The characters and worlds already exist. Maybe that's why I've gotten into this episode sort of writing. Where I think I can do this chapter by chapter instead of a project as a whole. If I hadn't done it this way though, I would have never gotten this large. I would not have felt the pressure to keep posting and it would have just sat there.

As the project wraps up, I know I've learned a lot, but I'm also glad it's finally ending. It did do a good purpose to get me over a few first, which in itself was super helpful. Here's to the end in sight.