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Weekly Update: Week 10

This is the second week in a row where I haven't published anything beyond these blogs. I think it's time to reassess my writing plan.


Weekly Update: Week 6

Successes - ran a half marathon, got the brilliant idea to outline a novel; failures - haven't touched a bit of writing.


For the love of Spreadsheets

How I used Google docs and spreadsheets to lose 20 pounds (give or take a few) and get into the habit of writing.


Weekly Update: Week 7

After a short break, it's time to refocus. However, taking a break has made me reconsider my addiction to my to-do list.


Daily what?

Last week I tried to write a daily blog. The thought was to use 'peer pressure' of saying I would write a daily blog to push myself to get in the habit of writing the same time every night. It almost worked. Till Friday came around.

I've been thinking of what I would be known as. And do I keep my personal life separate from my writing, or fully throw it out there?

I want to be unique somehow and I don't want to be just another person posting cat pictures. So what is there about my day to day that would be interesting? My partner is a Casey Neistat fan. And the other day while we were watching a video we had to admit we were just watching someone else live his life. But it's interesting. And besides cats, I'm not sure what I got. Last Tuesday, I literally went hopping down the stairs exclaiming that I finally got a pee sample from the cat to be able to test her for a UTI. That was my excitement for the day. Maybe week. I mean it was a huge success.

I suppose the more personal side of my life could be more interesting. After all, I do tend to write more...mature content. But while it's certainly satisfying, it's not all that exciting. The big event this week was that I ran out of toy cleaner and tried to make a joke of it by sending a picture with the most innocent thing you could think of with it. Sadly he didn't recognize the bottom half of the bottle as well as I do and didn't get the joke. My partner did suggest that I could write sex toy reviews, but who has the money for that?

So blast it all out there and hope something sticks? In reality, I'm mostly writing for practice anyway. My main goal was to write novels not blogs, this is just a side piece to explain why I write about what I write about. And it's good learning.

Gone but not forgotten