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Weekly Update: Week 15

February 3, 2021

It feels like it's been a successful week, even if I don't have the articles or word counts to prove it. But I do think I have a new gameplan for writing in the future.

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To Pseudonym or Not?

October 15, 2017

To keep anyone that knows me totally out of my writing life or not? Is there anything to be ashamed about? Will I ever answer these questions? Stay tuned...

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Daily what?

September 19, 2017

What would a daily blog even consist of? All I got is cats, work, and sex. Mutually exclusive, of course.

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Are we ever satisfied?

July 31, 2017

So how do we ever feel done with a piece when we know our different selves in a few years might not like it?

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My Way of Fighting Back

May 22, 2017

If they say you don't grow unless your uncomfortable, I should be 100 ft tall by now. Every step of writing is uncomfortable.

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Writing Comfort Zones

April 2, 2017

I started writing years ago. But the level of comfort I have with the reading side of this has been growing. Partly by force. It's sort of a 'hold my breath and push enter' when it comes to posting things online.

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Why Not

March 30, 2017

My scatterbrained need for variety also has me expanding into non-fiction. A space I never thought I would venture into. This blog may never turn into anything but practice. But practice is alright. I need practice after all.

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