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Writing Week 38: Progress somewhere else

I've been struggling to write, but thankfully, I feel like I'm improving in other creative pursuits. Or, I'm just interested in a different style of photography now and it's not like my old stuff... so it seems "better".


Explore your home

I had thought I was being more perceptive in my every day life. Until I came back from vacation and reemerged from behind my camera lens.


DIY aka "Learning Opportunity"

My over-confident and frugal desire to just "figure it out" mixed with most projects only happening once means everything is full of "chances to learn". Or disasters...


Weekly Update: Week 5

We're at the end of October with a good amount of success! And thankfully able to reflect on all my failures with no regrets.


Weekly Update: Week 22

It’s been a busy few weeks. Though none of it has involved writing, it hasn’t been totally void of creativity.

On one side, I finished a client’s website mockup. It was well received and I would like to say you’ll eventually see it, but I still have yet to create a portfolio on my studio’s site.

On a different side, I’m in the middle of moving. In one month, we’ll be in a new place and I’ll be knee-deep in designing/decorating it. Because I know myself, and I know I need to do it right away. For the past 4 years, we’ve been in our current house. For 4 years, I’ve had vague plans for design and decorations. For 4 years, it hasn’t happened.

So now with a fresh start, it has to happen. All of our furniture is either hand-me-downs or donated. It’s been great and I certainly can’t complain, but our house has never looked put together. There’s never been a theme or general sense of style. So now, we're giving it all bad or on to the next owners and starting with our own furniture!

Living Room Pinterest Board

When we first started talking about furnishing this new house, I was against hiring a designer. After all, I’m a digital designer and I love love love interior design. Not to the point I’ve made it a career but enough that I was excited at having the opportunity to actually try it. I mean try it beyond cheap college DIY items. All my hours of HGTV and Pinterest-ing have to pay off somewhere.

But then my partner started talking about how much we have on our plates. 4 businesses on top of normal life and moving tasks. Why would I stress myself out if an expert can do it for us? They do say to delegate out the things you aren’t good at so you can focus on your important items. And I’m sure someone somewhere made some reference to not overworking yourself.

We met a delightful designer, I instantly fell in love, we started the negotiations…. Then my partner saw my Pinterest board for the new house and proclaimed “Oh, why would we spend money, you can do this.”

Photo I'm thinking of printing off, if only I knew how to edit it

Well… we think I can. So now we're back to square one, yet now it's with me greatly appreciating the skill of a designer.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been researching couches, beds, dining room tables, and places to buy all of these things. Then most importantly, deciding which of my art pieces to print off, where to print them off, and how to frame them. We’ve got color schemes, vague layout ideas, and oh so many pins on Pinterest.

Next on the creative list: making some quilts, actually do some writing, and furnish a whole house.

This week's photo: A couch I fell in love with at an antique store.