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Writing Week 38: Progress somewhere else

I've been struggling to write, but thankfully, I feel like I'm improving in other creative pursuits. Or, I'm just interested in a different style of photography now and it's not like my old stuff... so it seems "better".


Weekly Update: Week 22

It’s been a busy few weeks. Though none of it has involved writing, it hasn’t been totally void of creativity. From mocking up a new website to designing a whole house, things are moving along.


DIY aka "Learning Opportunity"

My over-confident and frugal desire to just "figure it out" mixed with most projects only happening once means everything is full of "chances to learn". Or disasters...


Weekly Update: Week 5

We're at the end of October with a good amount of success! And thankfully able to reflect on all my failures with no regrets.


Explore your home

I've been trying to pay attention to my surroundings more. The small interactions between father and son in waiting rooms, an older man's excitement as he bird-watches, or even just the growth of vegetation. But it wasn't until I got back from my trip that I realized I was still far off. 

On vacation, I live in a different mindset. Even with access to the internet, I don't think about reading or writing blogs, working on my novel, finding freelance jobs, or anything really serious. Each day is a day to explore everything around me and I absorb everything I can. One stark difference is my desire to explore and my constant use of my camera. Sure I use my cell phone camera all the time to take simple shots of random things. With my camera though, I really think about what I'm looking at and what I'm experiencing. 

Just a neighborhood in Arizona

It could be an everyday event for the locals, eating at a restaurant they would be at any other night. But for me, it's a new town, a new restaurant I'll never return to.  And chances are a moment with my partner who I don't see nearly enough. So I want to absorb it. I'm clearly the only one pulling out a camera the size of a small dog. In the moment, though, I don't care. The looks I might get, or the attention, doesn't phase me because I'm focused on the shot, the memory, or the people. It's something exciting or precious. 

First dinner in Arizona @ Pizzeria Bianco

At home though, the camera can sit for months unused. All the while, any skill I might have gathered wilts away. I love photography and would be happy to gain the skill to really use it. With the limited amount of time I travel, I won't get there only waiting for these 'rare' times. 

So maybe the amount of attention I have been giving to my 'normal' surrounding hasn't been enough. Or maybe my weekend spend inside obsessing over blogging, writing, or potentially becoming a freelancer, haven't been as productive as I thought. Raleigh isn't the most exciting place, but it isn't the worst. I just need to pay attention as well as I do on vacation. I mean, I have chairs here. 

Chair on grandparents' farm, PA.

And there are older things,

newer  things,

funny things,

and things I can practice over-dramatic editing on.

My partner and I do have Sunday mornings and a few hours at night together. I could even venture off alone, or with friends,...if I can push off the guilt of not being productive while my partner is at work. Or just the general pressure of doing something productive every moment of the day. 

If the guilt, introvert-ness, or cheapskate personality does become too much though, there's always my cats to practice with.