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Launch Home # 3

After much deliberation, I finally settled on a new Homepage! Somehow I ended up even more minimalistic than ever before. But now there's interactions! Ah, so fancy, much new, great joy. And a new highlight to freelancing!


Invisible progress and learning

While I haven't finished the new homepage, I have been making progress with web development courses. I love the opportunity the internet can give for those us of with the desire to learn!


Web Dev Blog #1

This all started with my desire to change the design of my site...again. And my schedule changing. Now I feel like I'm allowed to totally redesign my site. All. The. Time. After all, it's all in good educational fun.


Weekly Update: Week 22

It’s been a busy few weeks. Though none of it has involved writing, it hasn’t been totally void of creativity. From mocking up a new website to designing a whole house, things are moving along.


Weekly Update: Week 9

This year seems to be waves of mild acceptance and wild anxiety. I think last week was on the mild side and optimal writing time. However, I got distracted by a website project. So I didn't get much writing done. Instead, I kept editing the new theme I was working on. I couldn't walk away even though I tried putting my writing items higher on that day's list. It was just too tempting to edit this one thing, then change that before I forget, and then quickly go edit these things. Like any one of those things would make it feel good enough to put it down for a bit.

I started my flash fiction but struggled with it. Kane's piece seemed to come to me a lot easier. Doing Sinner is hard, despite her 'abilities' being pretty normal. For those that are DC fans, I picture her and her sister being a mix between Raven and Beastboy. She's the shape-shifter, plus some extra powers that do with her twin and her demonic half.

In this piece, I was mainly focusing on her using her shape-shifting nature to subconsciously increase her ability to smell and hear in a pitch-black cave. A person smelling or hearing something isn't a new concept.  So I figured it would be easy to write. Versus Kane, who has the ability to read anyone's emotions. I might be overthinking it, but I want everyone to really feel the senses she's feeling. To really picture what it was like being her.

Beyond those pieces, I keep telling myself I need to wrap up this dang fanfiction. So this week I have put it on my week's goal list. This means I have tomorrow and Thursday to get it done. Eventually, I'll wrap it up and I'll feel some level of satisfaction at finishing something else. Even if it lost its way about halfway through.

My first week layout in a new journal. 2nd on my to do list: Finish the short story I started YEARS ago.

PS. I'm still using older shots from St.Lucia because I have realized all my shots have been taken in portrait instead of landscape this past week for stories and sharing. This is a slightly sad realization.