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Launch Home # 3

After much deliberation, I finally settled on a new Homepage! Somehow I ended up even more minimalistic than ever before. But now there's interactions! Ah, so fancy, much new, great joy. And a new highlight to freelancing!


Invisible progress and learning

While I haven't finished the new homepage, I have been making progress with web development courses. I love the opportunity the internet can give for those us of with the desire to learn!


Webflow Review #2

Six months later and we're still getting along. Along with courses and random how-tos, this is a good place to not only learn the CMS but design features in general.


My Design: My sketchy anti-trend

The design trend has gone sleek and simplistic. Yet here I am trying to clutter up my site as much as possible with grid-lines and sketchy drawings. All behind the text blocks. Why? It's a perfect mixture of my different parts.


Webflow Review #1

So far, Webflow and I have about a 90% successful relationship. Though if I gave it more money, I'm sure we would get along more.


First Web Dev Interview

I knew it had been a stretch to apply for a full-stack web developer position. However, even if it didn't lead to a job offer, I knew it was worth a shot. At the very least, I got to learn what a web developer interview is like.



All my life I've had a clear answer to 'What I want to be when I grow up?' However, it seems to change every 2-3 years.


Web Dev Blog #1

With my schedule changing and my ability to start web dev and design classes again, I'm going to start a web development blog. Sort of like a game development blog, but for the site you're currently looking at.  This is also an easy way to explain why my site will possibly change so much. I know good user experience dictates I make subtle changes over time and not drastic overhauls. But if I make a blog out of it, I feel like it's alright.  I can get away with it then.

This change:

The "new" homepage is the 3rd one I've been through. I never got my last one to the point where I had wanted it. So it was a half attempt at what I had sketched up. My thought was also to go more artsy in my attempt to lure people in further. I've seen some pretty awesome minimalist or interactive sites where the homepage is really aesthetically pleasing. You couldn't always tell what the site was actually for or what you would find if you continued to click through. But it didn't matter. The allure was the nifty-ness.

Default homepage vs my first one
Homepage Number 2

Mine never reached that level of nifty-ness. So I did a full 180.

Homepage number 3

If people were not being drawn in by my amazing design. Then I had to put more information on the homepage. So I put it all on the homepage. I know it's not best... I just couldn't decide.

Then on to the rest of the site. I fully removed any trace of my grid layout and attempt at a cool 'drawn' layout. I am still torn as to if this is where I want to go. For

Sidebar Change

Lastly, I did reorganize the blogs into fewer categories. They had grown as a result of my indecisiveness on what to blog about. I'm still possibly just as random. After a year of blogging, I doubt I'll change now. And I don't think having that many categories was really helping anything. No one navigated to the category pages anyway. Which also makes it safe to switch it up. Also, the categories were not in the permalink, so nothing will really be affected.

For the future:

My current obsession is with this css rainbow background. It is being tested. I just need to figure out how to override

html.w-mod-touch * {

     background-attachment: scroll!important;


Then figure out what I really want to do with the homepage.

To be continued...