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"Flash" Fiction

Chance Encounters

Leigh has already been told by doctors to quit her job. The stress was physically damaging her. Then one chance encounter brightens her whole mood and potentially her outlook on her company.

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Painting It Over

Going back to her roots, Georgia uses painting to find some peace. Nothing imaginative or exciting, just repainting a wall. Mindless, boring, and meditative.

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A quick snippet about the comfort from friends in a time of need. This is written in the 1st person to play with the ability to keep some things a secret.

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Needle Marks

Kit ran her fingers over the bruised skin. The needles' point of impact was clearly visible on her left arm. But she was better than that.

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Lace and Nips

Two women as opposite as they could imagine are forced into discovering a commonality. An insecurity only comforted by someone who had been through the same thing.

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Out on a Run

This is a short glimpse into someone's romantic life. It's written partly as a first-person point of view with a narrator talking. Which is rare for me. Though hard to balance present and past tense.

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