My Blogging & Portfolio Site

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Languages Used:
html, css

Starting with a free template, I took the original blog layout and adjusted it to meet my style preferences. It has changed as my knowledge of CSS has grown and types of content have been added. Currently, I write blogs and house them in one collection type. These blogs are categorized based on subject, and tagged by more specific themes. Both of these are collection types and each has their own page set created to list out blogs belonging to each of these groupings.

I also write fiction and have a similar structure for these pieces. Some of these had several parts to one storyline so I created Storyline collections to house all the fiction pieces for that story. Then the stories are also split up into types of fiction, original or fanfiction, which is where my practice began.

I have only had to work a little bit with the code to add pop out windows for sharing on social media and structured data to the blogs. The site is set up to have the drag and drop feature of a lot of web builders, but also the intricate dashboard to adjust any of the CSS. So coding hasn’t been as required for this, though knowing css basics has helped with editing the site.