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BuddyPress, Gravity Forms, MailChimp, Monster Insights Yoast

This is the main site for the gaming company Health Impact Studio. This is the parent site and pathway to our child sites (FoodFight.HealthImpact.Studio, GroceryHunt.HealthImpact.Studio) which each contain more in-depth information on their specific game. As our main hub, we post all of our development blogs to this site and offer a newsletter for users to sign up to hear more from us. The newsletter is connected to MailChimp via Gravity Forms which takes the information people submit on the website and sends it to our MailChimp after a double opt-in system. Then using MailChimp, we can send emails upon form submission welcoming them to the newsletter, inform them of any exciting press release, or general newsletter readings.

This site is also where our company does all of it’s hiring. We offer several types of jobs so we needed an application that was flexible to several needs yet centralized for easy management review. Using Gravity Forms, we have conditional fields that ask additional questions based on the specific job they are applying for. Then once the application has been submitted, email notifications were set up based on the type of job and sent to department heads. For our dashboard, we also used hidden fields, such as “application status” to allow for management to easily skim the rows of applicants and get a good summary. As well as, the ability for interviewers to add notes to individual submission.