Drupal eLearning Sites


(Retired)  BupPractice.com, SBIRTTraining.com, OpioidRisk.com LaraSig.com, and ImpactObesity.com

Content Management System:
Languages Used:
Drupal Modules for surveys, quizzes, paypal, etc

This site was already running by the time I arrived. It contained several modules and a system to allow users to register, pay, and proceed through activities. These activities each had various lessons, with quizzes and/or surveys set up at either the lesson or activity level.

I worked on editing the PHP and fixing bugs as they appeared or worked on adding features to help users where we could. This included fixing emails to send with certificates attached after users completed courses, triggering surveys to be required when users were halfway through the activity, adding a list of activities the users were taking to their profile for easy navigation, and reworking the certificate generating system.