WordPress eLearning Sites

Content Management System:
Languages Used:
BuddyPress, Monster Insights, Gravity Forms, LearnDash, Popup Maker, Social Login, UnCanny, Yoast

Summary: Learning Management System, Front-end registration and login system, Membership services, MailChimp integration, E-commerce system, Google Analytics and Search Consoles connected and tracked.

For these sites, we were taking old content from the previous site and moving them over to WordPress. As this was a site previously made with Drupal and customized with PHP, we’ve had to do various edits to the base Learning Management System (LearnDash). Some of this has involved adding other plugins and manipulating the system to fit our desired. Others have boiled down to writing in our own navigation systems to help users fluidly move from one step to the next and similar to what we had before.

Users on our sites are able to register and enroll in the first two steps of any activity (Pre-Assessments and Content). This way they can take our training without having to pay to do so. Within the content steps, we have links to PDF copies of our text for users to download and keep. As well as interactive cases embedded within the training page. The paywall is in front of the Post-Assessment step, which is how users qualify for an activity certificate. Since the training activities are accredited through several agencies, users have the ability to generate several different types of certificates depending on their needs. Beyond the actual training, users have profile pages that track their activity on the site, list any personal information they care to share, and view their training progress and certificates whenever they need to.

For these sites, I have worked with the Search Console to ensure correct indexing and catch any issues that may arise. As well as view our Google Analytics and track that the user journey is going as hoped. This, combined with our “Contact Us” page and activity surveys, has allowed us to gain valuable feedback on our user experience and gradually improve it.